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How do we change the rules of IT development?

 How do we change the <span>rules of IT development</span>?

The game changers of IT development

By drastically changing the rules of application development, Holder develops innovative applications so you can be the disruptive player in the market. How do we change the rules?

With reusable components and a lot of experience, we develop your application 4 times faster than you are used to.

Custom made applications with extreme flexibility to stimulate your business to innovate continuously.

Through co-creation, we develop applications with the professionals who know the business best.

<span>Speed</span>: The shortest time-to-market

Speed: The shortest time-to-market

Utilizing the no-code rapid application development platform Betty Blocks, including their reusable components, we build your innovative web-application four times faster than you’re used to. You benefit of the extremely short time-to-market, you respond quickly to the needs of the end-user, and you accelerate the innovation of your organization.

<span>Agility</span>: Always ready for innovation

Agility: Always ready for innovation

Holder develops custom-made applications that can change with unrivaled agility so your business can keep on innovating. Not only the applications are flexible, the ‘Holderianen’ are too. The team is proven Enterprise ready and be personal at the same time. Even after 15 years, we are still slightly maverick so that you, the customer, can keep innovating.

<span>Co-creation</span>: A team of clever minds

Co-creation: A team of clever minds

Truly developing together. Along with the people who know the business best, at one desk. That’s where the real work is done, after all. With your knowledge of the business and the market and us as technical consultant. That’s the way the business can build an innovating application, with the assistance of Holder.

Arjan Stet

Commercial director

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