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Solid tech is merely a basic requirement | Holder
Solid tech is merely a basic requirement | Holder

Speed is a basic requirement

In a world where disruption is the norm, the speed, and impact of technology force your organization to keep innovating. Through an innovative and above all fast way of application development, innovation is directly accessible to any company. That is good news! By drastically changing the rules of application development, Holder develops innovative applications that enables your organization to be a disruptive player in the market. We can promise you this because we develop on the no-code Betty Blocks platform.

Your innovation is our biggest driving force

We are passionate about developing innovative applications with a no-nonsense mentality. In everything we do, we warrant three rules so you can utilize your innovation’s maximum potential.

Speed: The shortest time-to-market

Speed: The shortest time-to-market

With reusable components and a lot of experience, we develop your applications 4 times faster than you are used to.

Agility: Always ready for innovation

Agility: Always ready for innovation

Custom-made applications with incredible agility, that’s the way to stimulate your IT to keep on innovating.

Co-creation: A team of bright minds

Co-creation: A team of bright minds

Through co-creation, we develop side by side with professionals who know the business best: you.


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Driven by a passion for cutting-edge techniques

Holder is your energetic, hard-working, direct - but always dedicated - technical partner whose only goal is to develop your application...and rapidly! Want to know how we make this translation for you?


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